April 18, 2021


Let the travel work for you

10 downsides to living and traveling in a tiny house, according to a woman who has lived in one since 2013

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  • Jenna Spesard has lived and traveled in her 160-square-foot tiny house since 2013, long before the tiny house movement really took off. 
  • During those years, Spesard has come to terms with a few downsides to tiny house living. 
  • The lack of space does not allow for creature comforts and prevents her from having overnight guests. 
  • Traveling with her tiny house is costly, and the home can easily be damaged. 
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Before there was the popular TV series “Tiny House Nation” or the trending hashtag “#tinyhousemovement,” Jenna Spesard decided to move into a 160-square-foot home.

She started building her tiny house by herself in 2013 for $30,000. For the next year, she traveled over the country with her tiny house before eventually settling down in a tiny house village in 2016, and she watched the movement began to grow around her. Now, her tiny house is permanently parked in Clinton, Washington, and she lives in it part-time. As one of the most experienced tiny house owners in the country, Spesard knows first hand the realities many new owners will face. 

“Every day isn’t perfect,” she told Insider. “There are definitely some downsides. It’s not all a bed of roses.”

Despite the downsides, Spesard said she can’t imagine living any other lifestyle, especially because “no lifestyle is perfect.”

Here are here the top 10 problems she has to deal with while living and traveling in a tiny house. 

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