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Are Indonesian foods healthy? What can we learn about their culinary specialties?

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Are Indonesian foods healthy? What can we learn about their culinary specialties?

Are Indonesian foods healthy? What can we learn about their culinary specialties?

It is not right to agree with unverified opinions that mostIndonesian foods are not healthy. However, this might not mean that it is a fallacious opinion about traditional Indonesian foods since they were originally not meant to be consumed daily. An example of these are nasikuning, rendang, and kambingguling and others, which are mostly used for ceremonies and not cooked every day. For example, rendang or gulaiayam used to be prepared and eaten to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan and a preserved meal for a person that is going on a long journey. Presently, though, it is served daily.

As ceremonial food, some of the delicacies are prepared to focus on taste but not nutrients, which is why some might consider them to be unhealthy. Studies by experts have shown that the Indonesian food that is close to being considered healthy to consume on regular basis is Lalapan. It is basically uncooked or lightly cooked vegetables with blended chili as condiments. Also, the Indonesian foods that belong to the following group are mostly considered unhealthy.

Fried snacks

Fried snacks are generally not healthy, regardless of the country of origin. They contain fat and oil and vendors do not help to reduce the effect, as they sometimes use old frying oil to fry new snacks, which is not healthy. Even most online recipesrecommend that you change oil after two frying sessions.

Sweet cakes and other snacks

Sweetcakes maybe nice and delicious but let’s not forget they are not healthy. The ingredients contain too much sugar and carbohydrates. You can eat them in moderation or not eat them at all.

Fried Meat

Grilled meat or steamed meat is better compared to fried meat. They are just like fried snacks with high fat and cholesterol.

Food with High Cholesterol

Indonesians love to eat food with high cholesterol like organ meat, seafood, meat, and fried snacks and dishes, so avoid these foods when you visit the country. Dishes containing lots of coconut milk are also high in cholesterol.

Preserved Foods

Preserved food is not that healthy, so stay away from them or eat them with moderation. These include abon, beef jerky (depending), salted fishes, salted eggs, and many others. In Indonesia, you can eat anywhere! In the street, on markets, in warungs (small restaurants) or real establishments, more or less typical specialties are served to you. Beware of what you buy at the stands. They don’t have a fridge, so don’t buy anything made from fish! You should readsnuk reviews to learn more about the Indonesian preserved foods.

Culinary Speciality of Indonesia

The discovery of a country is done by meeting the inhabitants, and by exploring its landscapes and its cities. But if there is an original way to make a stay in Indonesia eventful, it is to be interested in its delicacies. It is the reflection of its history, its influences, and the tastes of the inhabitants. So, what are theIndonesian culinary specialties that you absolutely must try?

You absolutely must try the miegoreng. These are sautéed noodles, sometimes accompanied by vegetables and cooked in a sauce. You should also try the nasigorend, fried rice. This specialty is typically Indonesian and might be impossible to find it in France or some other European countries.

Among other rice dishes, you can try the nasicampur. It is composed of vegetables and spices that enhance the whole meal. Less frequent, but just as good, you find the gado-gado. This dish is made with potatoes and peanut sauce.

In terms of meat, you have the ayamgorend which is fried chicken, and the ikangoreng which is cooked with fried fish. You also have the duck version: thebebekgoreng. During the holidays, the babiguling is prepared by the Indonesians. It is pork stuffed with spices then, roasted on a spit.

These culinary discoveries inspire you and give you new recipe ideas to try when you get home. Do not hesitate to immortalize these beautiful dishes with a few photos and to cook them for your loved ones, as soon as you return.

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