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Complete puzzle guide with solutions for every To Do list

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It’s been the star of a thousand memes, and having an Untitled Goose Game walkthrough handy will allow you to ensure you’ve seen every moment of comedy gold. Naturally, there are some challenges on your To Do list that you can easily honk your way through, however there are other puzzles that require a lot more experimenting and lateral thinking to get done. Although you can just flap around causing chaos, there’s an underlying structure to progression where you need to clear all but one of the tasks on the To Do list for each area, which then reveals a final task (marked with a * on our lists below) – beat this last assignment to open the path to the next area and continue your adventure.

Untitled Goose Game

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Untitled Goose Game

Please note that this guide is not intended to be a prescriptive walkthrough of how to solve each task perfectly, as there are often multiple ways to complete a challenge, but rather to offer up a method that works if you find yourself stuck. The opening section is a basic tutorial to introduce you to the controls, so shouldn’t cause too much hassle. When you reach the gate, pull out the top and bottom bolts on the right to get through to the first level, where our Untitled Goose Game walkthrough begins.

Get thrown over the fence in Untitled Goose Game | Untitled Goose Game crown | Untitled Goose Game two-player mode

Untitled Goose Game – Garden walkthrough

Get into the garden

Pull the sack near the gate so you can reach the radio, then pick it up to switch it on. When the Groundskeeper unlocks the gate and heads outside to retrieve the radio, dash inside.

Get the Groundskeeper wet

Either wait until the Groundskeeper is tending to the patch next to the sprinkler, or steal an item and drop it next to the sprinkler so the Groundskeeper will go there to retrieve it. When he’s nearby, activate the tap outside the garden to turn on the sprinkler.

Steal the Groundskeeper’s keys

Either wait until the Groundskeeper is tending to a patch and grab his keys, or simply sneak up behind him and snatch them off his belt.

Make the Groundskeeper wear his sun hat

To prep for this one, move the crate by the hedge on the left hand side of the garden to reveal a hole. Now wait for the Groundskeeper to tend a patch and carefully sneak up from the side until the prompt appears to grab his hat. If you’re spotted, simply back off behind the Groundskeeper until you’re out of his eyeline then wait for him to start tending again for another attempt. Once you have the hat, quickly dash through the hole in the hedge so he can’t chase and catch you, at which point he’ll go and put his sun hat on.

Rake in the lake

Grab the rake from next to the shed, and drag it all the way to the lake. If you’re struggling to get past the Groundskeeper, you can sneak around the back of the beds on the right hand side of the garden, or turn on the water butt tap to create a distraction.

Have a picnic (bring to the picnic blanket: sandwich, apple, pumpkin, carrot, jam, thermos, radio, basket)

The sandwich (both halves), apple, and basket are at the bench by the lake; the pumpkin and carrot can be pulled from the garden; the jam, thermos, and radio are at the workbench in the garden. Grab each item and take it to the picnic blanket which is down by the lake on the right hand side – make sure the Groundskeeper doesn’t chase you there or he’ll see any items you’ve stolen already and start taking them back to the garden. It’s best to save the radio until last as the noise it makes means you can’t really avoid the Groundskeeper chasing you, although if you can get it wet then it’ll short out and stop making sounds.

* Make the Groundskeeper hammer his thumb

Grab the No Goose sign to pull it over, then wait for the Groundskeeper to put it back in place. As he swings the hammer fully back, honk to distract him and he’ll hammer his thumb, opening up the next level.

Untitled Goose Game – High Street walkthrough

Break the broom

If the Shopkeeper catches you in her shop area, she’ll pick up a broom to shoo you away with. As she sweeps it towards you, interact to grab the broom head then keep pulling until it comes off.

Trap the Boy in the phone booth

The Boy is terrified of geese, so follow him and keep honking to steer him into the phone booth at the top left of the area.

Make the Boy wear the wrong glasses

There are two ways to get the Boy’s glasses from him – either wait for him to take them off and clean them then honk so he drops them, or sneak up and interact with his shoelaces to untie them then grab the glasses when he bends down. Either way, you then need to steal a different pair of glasses from the rack in the shop, then drop them near the Boy so he puts them on.

Make someone buy back their own stuff

Steal the Boy’s toy plane from the bench and drop it inside the shop, where the Shopkeeper will then pick it up and put it back on display with the other toys. If the Boy doesn’t automatically go to the shop, chase him in there by honking behind him, at which point he will have to buy back his plane.

Get on TV

Once you’ve trapped the Boy in the phone booth, he’ll call the TV Shop Owner to come and rescue him. Once they leave the shop, dash inside and hit the big red switch by the door. This will turn on the camera, then walk to the left of the shop to appear on the screens.

Go shopping (put in the basket: toothbrush, loo paper, hairbrush, tinned food, cleaner, fruit & veg)

The basket is on the left hand side of the shop, but you should drag it off to the side of the area in either direction so the Shopkeeper doesn’t spot it, otherwise she’ll take back anything you’ve stolen so far. If you go to the garden on the right hand side of the level and knock over the bin, you’ll find a toothbrush and cleaner inside. The loo paper, hairbrush, tinned food, and more cleaner (if needed) can be stolen from the shop, as can any of the fruit or veg items – only one is needed, and the carrots or leeks are easiest to grab.

* Trap the Shopkeeper in the garage

Steal an item from the shop and let the Shopkeeper see you so she chases, then run into the garage to the right of the shop and drop the item inside. Run back to the street, then interact with the pull rope once the Shopkeeper is inside to trap them in the garage.

Untitled Goose Game – Back Gardens walkthrough

NB removing the yellow ribbon on the fence at the bottom of the Man’s garden will open a temporary route between them, and pulling out the drawer in the unit at the top of the Woman’s garden will open a permanent route from her garden to his.

Make someone break the fancy vase

Grab the purple vase from the stool at the bottom of the Woman’s garden and take it back to the Man’s side where he can see it. He’ll throw it back over the fence, breaking it.

Help the Woman dress up the bust

Steal the glasses, hat, and pipe from the Man’s garden table and drop them near the bust in the Woman’s garden, where she’ll place them on the bust.

Make the Man spit out his tea

Wait in the Woman’s garden until the Man is drinking his tea, then ring the giant bell to make him spit it out.

Get dressed up with a ribbon

While the Woman is out of view, remove the ribbon from the duck statue near the steps in her garden then drag the statue away and hide it – behind the bench/pots at the bottom of her garden works well. Now return to where the statue was and interact to adopt the same pose as the duck, then stand still and wait for the Woman to return and put the ribbon on you. For added fun, give a honk as she walks away.

Make the Man go barefoot

Wait for the Man to read his paper, then sneak up and interact to pull off one of his slippers unnoticed, which you should hide out of sight. Then, wait for him to start drinking his tea, at which point his stance will change and you can grab the other slipper to make him barefoot.

Do the washing (with: a bra, a pair of socks, a slipper, a bar of soap)

The bra and pair of socks are on the washing line at the bottom of the Woman’s garden; the bar of soap is on the side of the bathtub at the top of the Woman’s garden; the slipper is on the Man’s foot, as you should have discovered already! Drop all of these items into the fountain at the bottom of the Man’s garden to do the washing.

* Make someone prune the prize rose

Drag the planter with the rose growing in it to the bottom of the lowered bed, level with the bush in the Woman’s garden. Go through the fence and interact with the bush to peck at it, which will cause the Woman to grab her shears to prune it and accidentally catch the rose too.

Untitled Goose Game – Pub walkthrough

Get into the pub

If you want to take the sneaky approach, walk up on top of the cellar doors behind the van and interact with the box to get inside. The Deliveryperson will then pick up the box and carry it inside, and you can jump out at any point. Alternatively, just sprint past the Burly Man hovering by the entrance, distracting him first with a honk if necessary.

Break the dartboard

Wait for the Old Man to play darts, then honk just as he’s about to throw the dart to break the board.

Get the toy boat

The toy boat is in the sink at the back of the raised area, and you need to turn on the tap to the right to fill it with water so you can reach the boat. If the Kitchen Woman sees the sink is filling up she’ll turn off the tap, so keep her distracted until it’s full then grab the toy boat.

Make the Old Man fall on his bum

To make the Old Man fall on his bum in Untitled Goose Game, wait in the beer garden until the Old Man is about to sit on his stool then interact with it and drag it a distance away – the trick here is not to be subtle, as if the stool remains too close behind him he’ll notice and not fall over.

Be awarded a flower

Stand on the drain cover next to the picnic bench with the two ladies, then copy the actions they perform to receive the flower. In order, these are honk, bend forwards, and spread your wings.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal

There are a number of pint glasses (the tankards that look like big glass mugs) on tables in the raised area, so grab one then take it to the canal which can be found across the road from the pub entrance and drop it in. If you hide under the stairs to the raised area near the entrance and honk, the Burly Man should go upstairs to investigate giving you time to dash out and over the road. 

Set the table (knife, fork, plate, pepper, candle)

There’s a knife on the trolley to the left of the raised area and a fork under the nearby table, as well as a knife and fork on the bottom shelf of the unit by the beer barrel; there’s also a plate on that unit, as well as one on the empty picnic table in the beer garden; the pepper is on a table at the left hand side of the raised area; the candle is on a table at the right hand side of the raised area. Grab all of these items and take them to the storage area at the back of the pub on the left, and place them on the table – the wooden spindle with a tablecloth on top.

* Drop a bucket on the Burly Man’s head

In the storage area at the back of the pub, take several of the tomatoes out of the crate and drop them on the floor nearby. Now go to the front of the pub and get the Burly Man’s attention then let him chase you to the back of the pub. Dash through the passage into the storage area then honk to get his attention and he’ll come through the gate to investigate. While he’s picking up the tomatoes and putting them back in the crate, run up to the raised area above and interact with the bucket to drop it on his head.

Untitled Goose Game – Model Village walkthrough

Get into the model village

Hop into the stream to the left of the path, and swim under the bridge to get into the model village.

Steal the beautiful miniature golden bell

At the far end of the model village, approach the main castle building and keep pecking it until you expose a beam you can grab. Interact with it, then keep pulling until the castle collapses and the bell is revealed.

* …and take it all the way back home

You need to get back through all of the previous levels carrying the bell, which makes a noise whenever you run. If you get caught, the person will confiscate the bell, although you can easily steal it back from their hand. To get through the pub, hide under the stairs near the entrance and honk to lead the Burly Man upstairs, then sprint out and across the road then over the bridge. From the well, go up and right to return to the gardens. Leave the bell by the gate then pull out the drawer to knock down the unit at the top of the Woman’s garden, before going through the Man’s garden and pulling the ribbon at the bottom to drop the fence. Go through the gap to grab the bell, then dash back through with it and out of the gate to the next section.

The Shopkeeper and TV Shop Owner are patrolling the street so you’ll need to dash past them – taking the route through the top of the shop may let you run straight past them. Avoid the Boy at the end of the street then go down the path and through the wooden gate into the garden. The Groundskeeper is blocking the exit to the garden, so move the crate by the hedge to open the hole and sneak through to escape. Swim over the lake then retrace your steps through the opening area to add the bell to your collections.

Congratulations – you’ve completed the main game! Now continue to page 2 for the Untitled Goose Game To Do (As Well) walkthrough and more.

Untitled Goose Game – To Do (As Well) walkthrough

Once you’ve completed the main game, you’ll unlock two more pages of To Do (As Well) tasks, along with a set of To Do (Quickly!!) timed challenges. These tasks are more difficult than the initial ones and often require items to be moved between different areas in order to complete them. 

NB from either the path in front of the back gardens or opposite the entrance to the pub, you can unlock several gates to provide shortcuts to each area which can help with these challenges.

Lock the Groundskeeper out of the garden

Steal and hide the Groundskeeper’s keys, then lure him out of the garden by switching on the radio outside or turning on the sprinkler. Once he’s left the garden, grab the gate and push/pull it closed to lock the Groundskeeper out.

Cabbage picnic

You can’t pick up a cabbage as it’s too big, so instead you’ll need to roll one all the way from the cabbage patch to the picnic blanket. Pushing one out through the hole in the hedge next to them can help you get one out of the garden while avoiding detection. It’s easiest to float it around the lake to the picnic blanket then roll it into position.

Trip the Boy in the puddle

Honk and chase the Boy until he’s near the puddle, then interact with his shoelaces to untie them. Now honk and chase him again into the puddle, where he’ll trip and fall.

Make the shop scales go ding

Stack several objects on the scales in the shop until the needle hits the red zone and goes ding. Trapping the Shopkeeper in the garage first will help you do this without being disturbed.

Open an umbrella inside the TV Shop

Steal an umbrella from the shop, then drag it over to the TV Shop using only the top end of the umbrella. Scare the Boy into the phone box to get access to the TV Shop, then drag the umbrella inside using the top end before interacting with the handle end to open it.

Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff

Grab the trowel from the garden and lead the Groundskeeper all the way to the shop, then drop the trowel near the Shopkeeper. When the Groundskeeper tries to reclaim his trowel, the Shopkeeper will make him pay for it.

Collect the five flowers (in the basket over by the well: a tulip, a lily, a rose, a daisy, a chrysanthemum)

The tulip is from the Groundskeeper’s patch; the lily is at the back of the street shop; the rose is from the Man’s garden, after you trick the Woman into pruning it; the daisy is the flower you’re awarded for performing in the pub; the chrysanthemum is in the model village version of the Groundskeeper’s patch. Take them all to the well area and place them in the basket.

Trap the Boy in the garage

Honk and chase the Boy to the right hand side of the street, then steer him into the garage and pull the rope to close the door to trap him inside.

Catch an object as it’s thrown over the fence

Take an object you can pick up from the Woman’s garden and drop it in the Man’s garden where he can see it, then quickly run back around to the area of the Woman’s garden where items land when thrown by the Man. Wait for him to throw the object over the fence, then interact while it’s still in the air to catch it.

Get thrown over the fence

If you want to get thrown over the fence in Untitled Goose Game, then you’ll have to grab the packing box outside the pub and drag it to the Man’s garden via the well to avoid the Deliveryperson. You may have to do some creative wriggling to get it through the hole in the Man’s fence. Get inside the box then honk for attention, and the Man will pick up the box and throw you over the fence.

Dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens

You need to find three different items, then take them to the Woman’s garden and drop them near the bust so she dresses it up. Get a hat from either the Groundskeeper in the garden or the Old Man in the pub; a pair of glasses from the shop or the Boy; and the toothbrush from the bin to the right hand side of the shop.

Score a goal

The football is too big to pick up, so you need to dribble it from the street near the TV Shop to the Man’s garden, where he’ll throw it over to the Woman’s garden. Dribble and hit it through the hole in her fence to the next garden, then knock it into the goal.

Sail the toy boat under a bridge

Steal the toy boat by filling the sink at the back of the raised section of the pub, then take it out of the rear exit to the model village and float it under the bridge next to the path.

Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon

After getting the ribbon from the Woman, you can’t go through the hole in her fence or you’ll lose the ribbon in the process. Instead, go through the Man’s garden then along the path at the bottom of the gardens to the well, then up and left to the pub. Perform for the ladies at the picnic table again, with a honk, bend forwards, then spread your wings.

Steal the Old Man’s woolen hat

Pull the stool far enough away when the Old Man is about to sit so he falls over, then grab the hat from his head.

Untitled Goose Game – To Do (Quickly!!) Timed Challenges

To attempt these timed challenges, you need to go to the respective area then pause and choose the Reset option. This doesn’t reset your game progress, just puts all of the objects and people back in their default positions. You then need to complete the To Do list within the time limit, and you’ll hear the church bells ring if your time runs out. You can pull up the timed list at any point to see how long you have remaining, and note that the display goes from “one minute left” to “less than a minute left!” so you have a little longer than you may think.

The time limits for each area are six minutes, so you really need to plan your movements in advance as you can’t afford to be waiting around for things to happen by themselves. You need to complete the final * challenge as well as the other items on the list, but you can do them in any order so you don’t have to leave that one until last.

Untitled Goose Game – To Do (Finally)

Cross out everything on the To Do list

This includes all of the original To Do lists, plus the To Do (As Well) lists and the To Do (Quickly!!) timed challenges. When you’ve done all of that, a notification will pop up at the top of the screen saying “congratulations – a reward is waiting for you at home”, so make your way back to the starting area to find a present on top of the rock.

Pull it over to spill the contents inside, and you’ll find… the Untitled Goose Game crown! Drag it all the way to the back gardens, then leave it somewhere that the Woman will see it or get the Man to throw it over the fence. Follow the same process you did before to get the Woman to put the ribbon on you, and she’ll also place the crown on your head. You can now sassily waddle around town as goose royalty!

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