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Crash 4 hidden gems: where to find all the hidden gems in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

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There are a lot of Crash 4 gems to find, and in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time these collectibles are slightly more hidden than previous games. Each level requires six gems to 100% it. While most are accomplished by collecting a certain amount of Wumpa fruit, or keeping the death count under three, the Crash 4 hidden gems require a different approach.

Crash 4 Hidden Gem Guide

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Crash 4 Hidden Gem Guide

It can be a stressful feat to manage on top of acquiring the other gems, but we’ve managed to track them all down to help simplify the adventure. Whether you’re going for the 100% completion achievement/trophy, or if you’re simply just wanting the bragging rights, we’ve got you covered on everything you need.

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N. Sanity Island

N. Sanity Island

Rude Awakening

After the grind rail segment you’ll come to a section where you’re required to slide under a hut. Crouch under and jump up inside the hut to obtain the gem.

N. Sanity Peak

At the end of the level you’ll be in a chase sequence. About one third of the way in, the gem is on the right behind an obstacle.

The Hazardous Wastes

The Hazardous Wastes

A Real Grind

Right at the end of the level you’ll phase some platforms to reach higher. On the top platform, slide jump to the left and then double jump off the two crates to reach the gem.

Crash Compactor

After the grind rail section, turn around and carefully jump down to reach a platform below. Hit the metal box and jump back up. Continue and you’ll see the gem in plain sight.

Hit The Road

About halfway through Tawna’s section you’ll wall jump to the top of cliff. Look to the right and you’ll see the gem hidden on a side platform.

Truck Stopped

After the second lift you’ll reach the top and notice a nitro crate and crate to the left. Slide jump under and up onto the box and reach the platform above to find the hidden gem.

Salty Wharf

Salty Wharf

Booty Calls

Towards the end of the level you’ll re-enter a cave. On the right you’ll notice a treasure chest. Head down and to the right, jump on the moving platform, then spin into the chest to receive the hidden gem.

Thar He Blows

Towards the beginning of Dingodile’s section you will see a TNT barrel. Hidden to the right is a small platform. Jump on it and grab the gem.

Hook, Line, And Sinker

About halfway through the level, you will find the gem on a platform above in plain sight. Jump up and grab it.

Jetboard Jetty

After the floating platform section before the jetboard section, you will see a stack of metal crates to the left. Jump up on top to find a hidden gem.

Tranquillity Falls

Tranquillity Falls

Give It A Spin

Near the beginning of the level when you’re expected to move away from the camera, jump to the right instead and find the gem on a stack of crates.

Potion Commotion

After the first section, when you reach dry land, wall jump to the top of the cliff and find the gem hidden around a corner on the right.

Draggin’ On

After the bonus stage, start scaling the wall to the right and you’ll see an entryway. Walk in and to the left and you can walk behind the wall and use the dark power ability to jump around and find a hidden gem. 


Halfway through the level, you will jump up a wind tunnel to another ledge. On the right you will notice some nitro crates. Jump between the wind tunnel and the crates to find a hidden path. Scale the challenging path and at the end you will find the gem.

Mosquito Marsh

Mosquito Marsh

Off Beat

You will reach a section when you receive one of the masks. Soon after you will find two enemies who you can phase in and out of dimension. Kill them both and jump to the right platform they were on to grab the gem.

Home Cookin’

Reach the restaurant and once inside, take a U-turn and leave the right exit. Follow the path and at the end hover across the water to find a hidden platform with a gem.

Run It Bayou

Once you reach the first jetboard section, look at the barrel to your right. Walk behind it and spin to hit a hidden box. Walk back the way you came, and you will find some metal boxes have spawned into existence, jump over and find the gem.

No Dillo Dallying

After the second boat sequence you will come to a checkpoint. To the right are four metal boxes. Hover over and jump up to reach the gem.

The 11th Dimension

The 11th Dimension

Snow Way Out

Once you reach the river with moving ice platforms, jump to the far right side to find a brown platform. Here will be some crates with a gem on top.

Ship Happens

Near the beginning when you start scaling platforms, once you’re the top, head all the way to the left. You will notice some metal blocks in the distance. Dash across, then dash again to another set to retrieve the gem.

Stay Frosty

Towards the end of the level you will come to a nitro box on some ice. Look left and jump to the higher ledge. Follow the path and make the jumps to grab them hidden gem at the end.

Bears Repeating

Near the beginning of the level inside the cave, you will come across rotating platformers. Before jumping across, slowly drop off the edge of the path and fall onto a ledge with a gem.

Building Bridges

After wall jumping for the first time, turn and face the camera. Head forwards and there is a gem hiding in plain sight.

Eggipus Dimension

Eggipus Dimension

Blast To The Past

At the end of the level when you’re grinding on the branches, you will need to quickly jump to the left to avoid hitting a tree. As soon as you do, quickly jump back to the right after passing to find a gem tucked behind.

Fossil Fueled

Very early on you will come across a foggy pit that you must seemingly dash over. Instead, jump into the pit and search around to find a gem.

Dino Dash

After the second dinosaur chase sequence, you will come across a tree you must duck under to continue. Ignore that and walk behind the tree to find a hidden gem waiting.

Rock Blocked

Near the start of the level, you will be side scrolling as Dingodile. On the land with three TNT crates, destroy each one, then move towards the camera. Hover across the water to find the gem on another chuck of land.

Bermugula’s Orbit

Bermugula’s Orbit

Out For Launch

After riding the elevator and hitting the checkpoint box very early on, go behind the massive left pipe to find the hidden gem.

Shipping Error

When you fall down the gap near the beginning of the level as Cortex, turn around and walk away from the camera. You will find a secret drop with a gem hiding away.

Stowing Away

Once in the vents with the gravity mask you will come across a laser you must duck under to continue. Instead, activate the gravity mask and you will go up a hole above you. Walk to the right and spin to hit a switch. Now, walk all the way to the left to find the gem.

Crash Landed

Around halfway through the level after the first creature riding section, you will come into a cave. Proceed forward till you grab the gravity mask. As soon as you do, turn around and walk till you need to jump. Activate the mask and you’ll switch to the ceiling and find the gem in front of you.

The [email protected] Dimension

The [email protected] Dimension

Food Run

Right at the start you will need to traverse over some moving vehicles. On the second row of cars, you will notice a gem on the left-hand side. Jump over the cars to reach it.

Rush Hour

Towards the end of Dingodile’s section, after you must jump from car to car over Nitro crates, you will come to an elevator. Ignore the left, and instead keep platforming to the right over the cars. At the end, you will see a ledge to hover to. Do so, follow the path, and grab the gem.

The Crate Escape

After traversing up the side of the first building you will reach a tunnel. Proceed inwards until you reach a bouncy metal box. Jump on it to activate another box and then walk back the way you came. A new bouncy metal box will have spawned near the beginning of the tunnel and the gem is waiting at the top of the jump.

Cortex Island

Cortex Island

Nitro Processing

When you reach the section where you must traverse the spinning gears, navigate through until you need to jump you see the ceiling you need to jump onto to escape. Don’t jump and remain on the cog to be taken to the hidden gem.

Toxic Tunnels

An obvious door will be accessible near the beginning of the level if you have all four colored gems. If you do, follow the linear, challenging path to find the gem right at the end.

Cortex Castle

Once you get to the last checkpoint box, don’t hit it. Instead, turn to the left and jump on the narrow metal segment of the lasers. From there use your dark powers mask to spin on top of a floating TNT crate, followed by another jump to a crate with a gem on top.

Seeing Double

Proceed through the level until you reach an interactive metal box and a laser wall. Look below and you will notice a metal bouncy box. Jump on it and quickly dash to the left to reach a higher platform. Follow the platforms to reach a hole in the wall. Jump in, travel all the way to the right and grab a hidden gem.

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