February 26, 2021


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“Our land is up a hill, so we’re building into nature, into the trees,” he said, noting that other new subdivisions in the area are flat. “They’re cutting down trees; we’re trying to cut the least amount of trees as possible.”

Wellspring is working with local architects, engineers and planners to minimize blasting and preserve nature as it handles the unique terrain. Townhomes start at $420,000 for the base model with a wide variety of upgrade packages offered so buyers can personalize their homes according to their lifestyle preferences.

One standout feature of all floor plans is the staircase position. Instead of greeting you as you walk through the front door like many traditional townhomes, it is tucked away to the side of the main living space at the rear.

“You flow from the living space upstairs,” described Wellspring CEO Shlomo Herman. “As people are going off to bed, they don’t have to walk to the front of the house. It’s just a more open feel.”

From the first time they laid eyes on the site, they knew nature would form an important aspect of the Huntsville Heights living experience, he added. All townhome lots are oversized with some as deep as 150 to 200 feet. The second release will be 33 detached homes on 70-foot lots.

“The first time we went up, we were driving in rock and we parked, and what do we see in the trees, maybe 100 feet away from us? A deer,” recalled Schacter. “You’re getting that experience of nature, yet living. So you’re getting that double whammy which is really something beautiful.”

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