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Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi

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We looked at some of the DC Omnibuses, Absolutes and Compendiums scheduled for 2021 earlier, but there are plenty of other big books aside from the predictable collections of currently serialised comic books, that also may suggest upcoming publishing plans. With Grifter arriving in Batman #101, could a new collection of Gen 13 suggest a lot more classic WildStorm on the way.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Batman in the Fifties  18th May 2021 328 pages

The most memorable Batman stories from the 1950s are collected in this new title.

The 1950s was a decade of change for the Dark Knight Detective, one that introduced new friends—and foes! These tales include the debuts of Deadshot, future member of the Suicide Squad; the original Batwoman, Kathy Kane; Mr. Zero, who would go on to greater fame as the nefarious Mr. Freeze; the original Red Hood; and the pesky interdimensional pixie known as Bat-Mite. This was also an era of great inventiveness, with tales that revealed how Batman’s own father, Thomas Wayne, was once a Batman himself; how Batman became a Superman-like hero on the distant planet Zur-En-Arrh; the secrets of Batman’s utility belt; and the introduction of an all-new Batmobile.

Collects Batman #59, #62, #63, #81, #92, #105, #113, #114, #121, #122, and #128, Detective Comics #156, #168, #185, #187, #215, #216, #233, #235, #236, #241, #244, #252, #267, and #269, and World’s Finest Comics #81 and #89.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino Vol. 1 11th May 2021 408 pages

Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino Vol. 1 is the can’t miss collection of Infantino’s most incredible works!

Collecting some of Infantino’s most incredible work from the Silver Age of comics, including stories from Secret Origins, Detec tive Comics, The Flash, All-Star Comics, and more! Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino Vol. 1 makes the perfect addition to any bookshelf!

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021
Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi – More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Gen 13: Starting Over The Deluxe Edition 04 May 2021 360 pages

From the Wildstorm Universe, the creative minds of Jim Lee, Brandon Choi, and J. Scott Campbell deliver this hardcover deluxe version of Gen 13: Starting Over.

Under the leadership of their mentor Lynch, the super-powered teenagers of Gen 13 live a life of fighting evil, saving the world, and partying hard. Featuring strong characterization and wacky humor, this trade paperback presents the offbeat adventures of Fairchild, Burnout, Freefall, Grunge, and Rainmaker as they deal with typical teenage problems while combating violent villains and would-be world conquerors. Rebellious and headstrong, this atypical collection of heroes trots the globe in search of adventures and excitement.

Collects Gen13: Lost In Paradise #1, Gen13 #1-5, Gen13 European Vacation #1, Gen13 Backlist #1, Gen13 #0-5, Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook #1, and Gen13: Encore No. 1.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

The Amazing World of Superman (Tabloid Edition)  13th April 2021 72 pages

The brilliant retelling of Superman’s origin story is reprinted in its original, tabloid-size format for the first time!

This tabloid-size masterpiece includes the story of Superman Land with Lex Luthor, Superboy stories, “How to Draw Superman”, “Superman Family Portrait”, and more!

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

DC’s Greatest Science Fiction Stories Ever Told  30 March 2021 368 pages

DC’s greatest science fiction tales from across the decades are collected in one title for the first time, including tales written by Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, and others.

Some of these tales feature appearances by heroes including Superman and Adam Strange; several come from acclaimed series like WE3, Transmetropolitan, The Wake, and Trillium; and many are short stories of adventure set in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Collects Action Comics #186, Transmetropolitan #1, WE3 #1, Strange Adventures #7, #9, #18, #31, #119, and #126; Camelot 3000 #1, Mystery in Space #1, #6, #19, #30, #35, #63, #69, #101, #103, #113-115, and #117; Time Warp #5, Real Fact Comics #1, #3, #6, #11, and #15; My Greatest Adventure #7, #12, and #15, The Wake #6, Trillium #1, and Strange Sports Stories #1.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

New Gods Book One: Bloodlines  13 April 2021 368 pages

The New Gods return for a new era in this collection of stories that reimagined Jack Kirby’s famous creations for a new era!

The New Gods return for a new era! Writer Mark Evanier, former production assistant to New Gods creator Jack Kirby, teams with artist Paris Cullins to revive Orion, Darkseid, Metron, Kalibak, and more in this collection of key late-80s stories, set in the wake of the Cosmic Odyssey event. Stories include Orion leading an expedition to Earth and the six-part “Bloodline Saga.”

Collects New Gods #1-14.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Batman Kings of Fear  07 April 2020 160 pages

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself—unless, of course, the Scarecrow is involved. After years of psychological and emotional torment, Batman is pushed over the edge. Batman succumbs to his one true master: fear.

What is Batman’s greatest fear?

When the Scarecrow orchestrates a riot at Arkham Asylum to conceal an escape, the chase will take the Dark Knight on a journey into the depths of his own mind.

Batman has faced Jonathan Crane’s fear gas before, but a dose of the Scarecrow’s new formula opens the hero to a world of self-doubt. Prodded by his enemy, Bruce Wayne’s deepest fears come to the surface, with one question inching its way to the top of the list: Would Gotham City be better off if there never was a Batman? And even as he wrestles with this question that strikes at the very heart of his life’s mission, Batman has to find the Scarecrow’s hostage, who may be more than he appears!

Batman: Kings of Fear collects the full six-issue miniseries written by former Batman editor Scott Peterson (Batgirl) with stylish art by the legendary Kelley Jones (The Sandman, Deadman).

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Green Arrow: Connor Hawke Where Angels Fear to Tread 20 April 2021 344 pages

In these 1990s tales, Oliver Queen takes a break from the role of Green Arrow—and his crime-fighting mission is taken up by his son, Connor Hawke.

Spinning out of the events of the 1990s miniseries known as Zero Hour, Oliver Queen goes on a retreat from his role as Green Arrow—and meets his previously unknown son, Connor Hawke, who becomes the new Green Arrow. But while Oliver learns that a secret government agency has him in its sights, Connor learns that being a superhero is harder than it looks.
Collects Green Arrow #0 and #91-101.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Green Arrow/Black Canary: Till Death Do They Part   04 May 2021 392 pages#

A superhero wedding—what could go wrong? Green Arrow and Black Canary tie the knot, but it’s not quite happily ever after, as a shocking wedding night leads to unpredictable adventures.

Green Arrow and Black Canary are one of the most iconic couples in superhero comics, and in 2007 they finally decided to make it official and walk down the aisle—with shocking results! In fact, Black Canary didn’t marry Green Arrow at all, but rather a villainous double…so where’s Oliver Queen?

That question kickstarts the Green Arrow and Black Canary series, written by Judd Winick and illustrated by Cliff Chiang and Mike Norton. Black Canary, Speedy, and Connor Hawke—Ollie’s son and the former Green Arrow—embark on a mission to the find the real Green Arrow.

But if it isn’t one Green Arrow in trouble, it’s another, as Connor is mortally wounded by the League of Assassins—can Batman and Plastic Man assist in saving his life?

Romance meets adventure in this series starring one of DC Comics’ most iconic duos!

This volume collects Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special #1, and Green Arrow and Black Canary #1-14.


Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Crisis on Multiple Earths Book 1: Crossing Over   02 February 2021  416 pages

Join the Justice League of America in some of their most action-packed adventures!

Starting with the “Crisis on Earth” story, the Justice League of America meets the Justice Society of America! The teams have to team up if they want to defeat the Crime Champions and they’ll even have to…switch Earths?! Will the teams solve the Crisis of Two Worlds?

The JLA will team up with the JSA in more adventures and even face off against enemies, like the Crime Syndicate, on their own!

Collects Justice League of America #21-22, Justice League of America #29-30, Justice League of America #37-38, Justice League of America #46-47, Justice League of America #55-56, Justice League of America #64-65, Justice League of America #73-74, Justice League of America #76, Justice League of America #82-83, and Limited Collectors’ Edition #46

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Flash/Impulse: Runs in the Family 25 May 2021 376 pages

Impulse, the Flash’s hyperactive descendant from the 30th century, has landed in the present and is ready to make a superhero name for himself—but he’s going to have to learn to think before he runs, in this collection of high-energy adventures!

Few DC characters represent the fun and fast-paced energy of 1990s superhero comic books like Bart Allen—the teen speedster better known as Impulse—and his early solo adventures are back in print in this new collection!

Due to his hyper-accelerated metabolism, Bart Allen was aging fast—like, really fast—and was raised in a 30th-century virtual reality simulation so his brain could keep up with his body. So when he winds up in the present, he sees the world as one big video game—and he’s got a lot to learn if he’s going to embrace his new superhero status as Impulse. Luckily, Bart has a speedster mentor named Max Mercury, and if anyone’s up to the task, it’s the zen master of the Speed Force.

In this collection, Bart adjusts to life in the 20th century, keeping the town of Manchester, Alabama, safe from threats like White Lightning and Gridlock.

Flash/Impulse: Runs in the Family also includes “Dead Heat,” a six-part crossover with The Flash—as Savitar’s machinations in the Speed Force cause the Flash’s allies, Impulse included, to lose their speed!

This volume collects Impulse #1-12 and The Flash #108-111.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Nightwing: Supercop  328 pages

Fearless cop Dick Grayson is the Dark Knight’s right hand, and behind his own mask, he’s the vigilante Nightwing. Join Dick as things get out of hand with the police department in Nightwing: Supercop.

Blüdhaven’s few good cops go bad as a super-steroid rampages through their systems. Nightwing goes from protecting the police force from the ‘Haven to protecting the ‘Haven from the police. Nightwing scrambles to find the source of a madness that’s gripping the Blüdhaven Police Department. But Blüdhaven’s Finest aren’t just lapsing into a murderous mania—they’re also exhibiting superhuman strength and speed! Nightwing may not be able to handle this chaotic mess alone, but whom can he call on?

Find all the answers in Nightwing: Supercop. Collects Nightwing #71-83.

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Adam Strange: Between Two Worlds Deluxe Edition  11 May 2021 400 pages

Adam Strange, protagonist of the current hit series Strange Adventures, stars in this collection of his 1990s and 2000s adventures.

Adam Strange, hero of the current hit series Strange Adventures, stars in these tales from the 1990s and 2000s. First, Adam Strange’s heroic reputation begins to crumble in light of the newfound reality that’s swept his adopted homeworld of Rann. Now Adam is wanted for murder—just as Rann is about to explode into revolution! Then, in a 2004 tale, Adam Strange’s route to Rann—the mysterious Zeta Beam—is disrupted, leaving him stranded on Earth and separated from his wife and child. But the truth is worse than his darkest imaginings. Plus, in a two-part tale starring the Justice League of America, the World’s Greatest Heroes head across the galaxy to help Adam Strange and his adopted homeworld—only to be taken prisoner themselves!

Collects Adam Strange #1-3 (1990), JLA #20-21, and Adam Strange #1-8 (2004).

Gen 13, New Gods and Sci-Fi - More Big Comics From DC in 2021

Robin: Unmasked  11 May 2021 744 pages

Critically acclaimed, Eisner Award-winning writer Bill Willingham (FABLES) has taken over the life of Tim Drake, a.k.a Robin—and the Boy Wonder’s life has been a roller-coaster ride ever since!

ROBIN: UNMASKED collects issues #121-125, featuring pencils by Rick Mays and Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente, with inks by Aaron Sowd and a new cover by Jason Pearson. Batman turns up the heat on his young ward’s training just as Tim is about to encounter the most bloodthirsty killer of his career! And as if that weren’t bad enough, it’s Tim’s first day at a new school, with a student body tangled in social spiderwebs! As Robin deals with the deadly Johnny Warlock, an even bigger threat is about to turn our hero’s life upside down: Tim’s own dad!


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