May 14, 2021


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Hillsborough Agent Helps Travelers Navigate The Pandemic

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HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — The travel industry may have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, yet Hillsborough travel agent Donna Williams-Snead is doing her best to stay afloat and help her clients navigate through the rough waters.

Williams-Snead, franchise owner of Cruise Planners – Leisure Time Cruises, was personally impacted by the virus when her trip to Greece with her husband for their 35th wedding anniversary was canceled.

Yet she made the most of it by sharing a video of places they would have visited as an incentive for clients to book in the future.

Now Williams-Snead is helping travelers figure out how to make the most of 2020 and plan for the future. She says now is the time for travelers to start booking.

“The biggest thing clients who are ready to travel want to know is what’s open and what are the restrictions?” Williams-Snead said.

Williams-Snead prides herself on her travel knowledge. She formerly worked as a director of communications for a major telecommunications business before retiring. Williams-Snead and her husband always loved to travel so she put that passion into her travel business six years ago.

Cruise Planners – Leisure Time Cruises is a full-service travel company that specializes in all-inclusive travel. She also offers faith-based travel to the holy land as well.

“We don’t just offer flights,” Williams-Snead said. “We do completely packaged vacations.”

Williams-Snead will interview a client to find out what type of vacation they are looking for such as romance, beach, adventure. Then she can set up a location, excursions, dining, and help them plan from the moment they leave until they arrive home.

Some may be worried about planning a vacation, but Williams-Snead said “there is a pent up demand for travel and I am reminding my clients now is the time to book to travel later.”

“Generally most people didn’t book until the last minute but now you can book ahead for bucket list items and have the time to save up and plan for it,” Williams-Snead said.

For those looking to still travel this year, Williams-Snead can help plan a vacation without the worries of getting on a plane.

“A lot of people are traveling locally and not getting on a plane. I can point them to places to go, such as national parks, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, places that are easy to social distance,” William-Snead said.

Things might seem tough now but Williams-Snead said she knows she will make it through the pandemic while helping clients plan a relaxing escape as well.

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