November 27, 2020


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Noem Traveling Country To Campaign For Trump | Local News Stories

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No Republican has ever won the presidency without carrying Ohio in the Electoral College —...

No Republican has ever won the presidency without carrying Ohio in the Electoral College — and the Buckeye State is one of those to which South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has traveled to campaign for President Donald Trump.

“In recent weeks, she has traveled to Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Iowa, and Ohio for campaign efforts,” Noem spokesman Ian Fury told the Capital Journal on Thursday.

According to the Ohio Republican Party’s Twitter feed, party Chair Jane Timken appeared with Noem on Tuesday to address more than 100 Trump supporters in the Columbus suburb of Westerville. Also attending was Trump campaign spokeswoman Erin Perrine.

“Governor Noem is traveling the state with Chairman Timken to see the incredible support President @realDonaldTrump has in Ohio,” the Ohio GOP’s tweet states.

President Barack Obama carried Ohio in 2008 and 2012, but Trump turned it Republican red in 2016 by defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 8.1 points.

The last person from either party to win the presidency without Ohio was Democrat John F. Kennedy in 1960. The Thursday Real Clear Politics compilation of polls showed Trump trailing Democrat Joe Biden in the Buckeye State by 2.4 points.

Fury said Noem plans several more outings ahead of the Nov. 3 general election.

“She has upcoming travel scheduled to Minnesota, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Florida between now and Election Day,” Fury told the Capital Journal.

Noem strongly endorsed Trump during her speech at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina last month.

“In just four years, President Trump has lifted people of all races and backgrounds out of poverty. He shrunk government and put money back into the pockets of hardworking, ordinary Americans. He has advanced religious liberty and protected the Second Amendment. You can look back 50 years, and you won’t find anyone that has surpassed President Trump’s success on these four issues alone,” Noem said of Trump.

“President Trump places the American people, American liberty, American security, and the American Constitution before all else. He honors the fact that the American people provide the ‘consent of the governed’ on which legitimate government depends,” she added.

Travel Expenses And Obligations To South DakotaThe Capital Journal addressed questions to Fury and Noem Policy Director Maggie Seidel regarding how the governor’s travel around the nation benefits South Dakota taxpayers — and if the state’s taxpayers are on the hook for any travel costs.

Fury said the travel expenses are “paid for on a case-by-case basis,” but said no state taxpayers’ money is used for this purpose.

“Governor Noem believes that in a second term of President Trump, we’ll continue to see economic growth, limited government, and respect for the rights of South Dakotans,” Fury said. “If Joe Biden were president, we’ll experience a resurgence of overreaching government regulation like we experienced under the Obama administration. Frankly, her freedom-respecting approach to COVID-19 may not have been possible had Joe Biden been president.”

Electoral College OutlineNoem likely feels no pressure to campaign for Trump in South Dakota, as no Democratic presidential nominee has carried the state since President Lyndon B. Johnson did so 56 years ago.

States considered “toss-ups” for this year’s Electoral College include:

Texas — 38 electoral votes (Trump won by 9 points in 2016)

Florida — 29 electoral votes (Trump won by 1.2 points in 2016)

Pennsylvania — 20 electoral votes (Trump won by 0.7 points in 2016)

Ohio — 18 electoral votes (Trump won by 8 points in 2016)

Michigan — 16 electoral votes (Trump won by 0.3 points in 2016)

Georgia — 16 electoral votes (Trump won by 5 points in 2016)

North Carolina — 15 electoral votes (Trump won by 3.6 points in 2016)

Arizona — 11 electoral votes (Trump won by 3.5 points in 2016)

Wisconsin — 10 electoral votes (Trump won by 0.7 points in 2016)

Minnesota — 10 electoral votes (Clinton won by 1.5 points in 2016)

Iowa — 6 electoral votes (Trump won by 9.4 points in 2016)

New Hampshire — 4 electoral votes (Clinton won by 0.3 points in 2016)

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