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Rude Awakening – Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Wiki Guide

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And so the adventure begins, once again on the beach! There’s a few fun things to do here, including Spinning the guitar, bouncing on the bongos, spinning the Spyro floatie, hitting the radio, and flipping through channels on the TV. If you flip through all four channels, you’ll get the “Channel Surfing” Trophy! You can also Spin the sombrero to wear it, however it’ll quickly get blown away by the wind.

On the road ahead will be some basic Boxes. These are the fundamental object of Crash Bandicoot: break it by Spinning it, Belly Flopping it or bouncing on top of it. These basic Boxes will only give you a single Wumpa Fruit each. If you break all the non-Iron boxes in a level, you’ll get the level’s Box Gem at the end!

Smash the four Boxes on the path ahead as you begin your journey. Over the fallen column ahead are some Wumpa Fruit. These exotic fruit are used for earning the three Wumpa Gems in every level, awarded for collecting 40, 60 and 80% of all the level’s fruit (this is marked on the Wumpa Meter in the top-left corner of the screen). In Retro Mode collecting 100 Wumpa Fruit will also give you an extra life!

Jump over the pit, smash the three Boxes, then Spin the Crab. If you positioned yourself well, doing this will cause the first Crab to fly into the second one! Most enemies can also be defeated by bouncing on top of them. Jump over the next column, but don’t forget to smash the Box hidden behind it!  Around the corner will be a Boar, clearly out for revenge since Crash’s first adventure. He’s fast, so be quick on the Spin button!

Past the Boar will be a new box type, the Checkpoint Box: in addition to giving 10 Wumpas, these will act as respawn points when Crash dies in a level. They’ll also remember Crash’s progress too, including Boxes broken and progress on the Wumpa Meter.

Checkpoint 2

At this point, you should have 8 boxes.

Your next obstacle is a jungle roller that you’ll have to slip past. It can be easier to do this if you stick on the left or right sides of the ramp; this will give you a larger window. Just after it is yet another box type, the ? Box; these will 10 Wumpa Fruit when broken. Jump over the next roller and spin through the stack of boxes while moving to smash several at once. Just past it is another, dangerous new type of box…

The TNT Box is a potentially lethal Box type. Spinning, Sliding or Belly Flopping it will cause it to instantly explode, killing Crash. TNT Boxes count towards a level’s Box Gem however, so you need to detonate it safely. To do that, bounce on the top of it to start a 3 second timer, then retreat to a safe distance!

Take out the two Boxes flanking the TNT Box first before tripping the TNT’s timer. Explosions will destroy boxes but give none of the rewards, so you’ll always want to destroy TNT Boxes last. Jump through the pair of rollers by slipping through hte middle, then keep an eye out for a new box type!


On the left is the Bounce Box, with visible Wumpa Fruit inside. Spinning these is truly a waste because you don’t get a single Wumpa Fruit for doing that. Instead, bounce on the top to get 2 Wumpa Fruit per bounce, for a total of 10! Smash the two Boxes and the TNT Box on the right, then hit the Checkpoint at the bottom of the temple steps.

Checkpoint 3

You should have 26 boxes at this point.

Jump up the steps into the temple, smashing the Aku Aku Box along the way.

Aku Aku is Crash’s protector, and smashing his box will protect Crash from one hit (meaning he’s useless against falls and drowning). If you can smash another Aku Aku Box while already having him, he’ll turn into Golden Aku Aku and protect crash from three hits! Grab him a third time and Crash will have Invincibility for 20 seconds, allowing him to destroy boxes and enemies just by touching them!

Venturing into the temple, you’ll encounter some Toxic Spiders. These tricky foes hang on the ceiling and wait for Crash to pass underneath before striking. You can avoid them by just running past, but if you want to destroy them, you’ll have to use a Double Jump (press the jump button a second time while in the air) and then Spin in the air. Bounce on the Bounce Crate to take it and the two Boxes above it out, then continue forward past another Toxic Spider. Smash the boxes and carefully trip the TNT timer, then jump across the platforms.

If you’re having trouble judging jumps such as these, head to the Gameplay section of the Options menu and enable Enhanced Shadows. This gives Crash a drop shadow with a yellow ring around it, and enemies get the same but with a red ring. This can help tell where Crash is relative to the platforms underneath!

Take out/avoid the Toxic Spider on the other side, Spin the Boxes, and head up the steps. To get up the second step, you’ll need to use a Double Jump, accomplished by pressing Jump a second time while in the air. This can be done whenever you’re not on the ground, so it can be handy for a quick save if you fall past a platform! At the top, smash through the wall of boxes, then head outside for a short cutscene.

Now you’re grinding like it’s 2001! Crash can Jump while on a rail, and Boxes will break automatically when Crash touches them. Use this to smash all the Boxes on your way. Eventually you’ll be dropped off on a wooden walkway. If you’ve been collecting all the Wumpa Fruit possible thus far, you’ll get Wumpa Gem #1 just before hitting the first Box on the vine.

You’ll want to hit the Checkpoint Box before you get the Aku Aku. Checkpoints remember which boxes you’ve hit, so by leaving Aku Aku until after, he’ll re-appear again if you happen to die later!

Checkpoint 4

At this point, you should have 63 boxes.

Smash the two Boxes and the Aku Aku Box to the right, then head left, smash the ? Box in the shady corner, then continue forward. Here you’ll encounter a Native, who’ll throw bundles of Bumpa Berries at you. While these are always aimed at Crash, they’re always thrown a set distance, so the best strategy here is to Double Jump over the berries and bounce/Spin the Native.

Jump across the gap, smash the Box, and head up the steps. Wait for the native to throw some berries at you before moving in to strike. At the top, smash the Boxes before heading right. Here you’ll have to Crawl under the hut. If you press this button while moving Crash will Slide, which is also an attack!

Inside the hut will be this level’s Hidden Gem. There’s one Hidden Gem in every level, and they make up the sixth Gem in a level’s set. To get this one, stand up when directly under the hut, then jump up to get the Gem in the hut itself!

On the other side, wait for the Native to throw his berries, then head forward at the base of his platform where he can’t hit you and wait for your moment to take him out. If the Native across the gap wasn’t taken out by you Spinning the previous one, you can Double Jump across the gap and bounce on his head.

Smash the Box, then quickly make your way across the stone platforms, as they’ll fall one second after you land on them! Make it to the other side for the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

You should have 75 boxes at this point.

Hitting this Checkpoint should give you Wumpa Gem #2! Head inside the cave, drop down the steps and, on your left, you’ll spot a platform marked with a ?. This is the Bonus Round platform!

Bonus Round

Bonus Rounds are fun side areas that test your skills and reward you with many Wumpa Fruit. They can do this because dying here won’t affect your Death Counter, or cause Crash to lose lives in Retro Mode. You can attempt these areas as many times as you like!

To begin, head right and destroy the Box and ? Box. Jump across the gap, then destroy the next pair. Go down the slope, smash the Box, then jump across to a brand new box: the Iron Arrow Box. Arrow Boxes spring Crash upwards at great heights, and the Iron versions cannot be destroyed (meaning they won’t count towards a level’s Box Gem). Bounce on it a few times to get the Bounce Box.

To get the ? Box up on your left, you’ll need to get a high spring off of the Iron Arrow Box. To do this, hold down the Jump Button when you land on the Arrow Box and keep holding it as you fly through the air. This will vastly increase the height of the bounce, and is an incredibly important skill to master in Crash Bandicoot.

Once you’ve gotten the upper ? Box, jump back down, smash the last Box, then jump onto the platform at the end to be taken back to the main level and bank the Boxes, Wumpa Fruit, and Retro Mode Lives you got in the Bonus Round. You’ll also get the “Taking the Side Road” Trophy for completing your first Bonus Round!

Once you’ve finished a Bonus Round, you can’t jump back on to give it another go. You have to get it done the first time!

Checkpoint 6

Yup, that’s right! The Bonus Round platforms count as Checkpoints!

At this point, you should have 83 boxes.

Continue down the steps to the two Boxes, then at the corner you’ll find a Box and an Aku Aku Box. If you’ve been able to not get hit since you entered the temple, this will give you invincibility! Hit the Box and ? Box next to it, hop across the platforms, head past the Toxic Spider, and spin the tower of Boxes. Jump up the step to reach a Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7

You should have 93 boxes at this point.

Hitting his Checkpoint should be enough to get you Wumpa Gem #3! Continue forward to head outside and head across the wooden bridge. At the end will be a series of platforms that drop when you stand on them.

There’s two platforms on the right with some boxes, but luckily landing on those won’t cause the platform to fall. Them falling with the platform won’t break them however, so if you want the Box Gem, you’ll have to smash them yourself before the platform falls. This is trivial if you’re still carrying Aku Aku’s invincibility, but if you don’t you’ll have to bounce on the boxes before touching the platform itself, which is easier said than done!

Once you’ve accomplished (or ignored) this, head up the steps to start climbing up the wall. Hit the Box, then jump up to the left to get the Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8

At this point you should have 98 boxes.

Smash the ? Box, then observe the orange platform ahead. These guys will periodically jut outwards and then in, so you’ll have to time your jumps very carefully as you make your way along the steps. The Natives at the turnaround points don’t help matters! The best thing to do is be patient and use your better judgement.

Destroy the two boxes above the second Native, cross the last two platforms, then smash the two boxes and the TNT at the end. Jump right to get to the very end of the level, where you’ll be judged on your Box Gem.

Box Gems, as the name suggests, are awarded at the very end of a level for smashing all the wooden boxes (so Iron boxes don’t count). You can check your progress by bringing up the HUD and looking at the box counter at the top of the screen. The Box Hologram also marks the end of the level!

Once you make it to the box hologram, you’ll complete the level and move on to the end screen. Here you’ll be judged on the various Gems you’ve collected throughout the level. There’s six of them per level:

  • 3 Wumpa Gems for collecting 40, 60 and 80% of a level’s Wumpa Fruit
  • 1 Box Gem for breaking all the wooden boxes in the level
  • 1 Survival Gem for dying no more than three times in the level
  • 1 Hidden Gem located somewhere in the level

If you can collect all six Gems in a level, then you’ll unlock a specific Skin for either Crash or Coco!

Now if, somehow, you collected all seven Gems, and collected every Wumpa Fruit, without dying ONCE, you’ll earn yourself an N. Sanely Perfect Relic, awarded for completing the level perfectly. These are easily the hardest collectibles in the game to earn!

That’s the first level done! Congratulations!

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