March 6, 2021


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Why Tammy 2 is important

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To provide a little joy during a stressful global pandemic, the Parks and Recreation cast reunited for a one-off episode – A Parks and Recreation Special – five years after the series concluded. In keeping with social distancing guidelines, most of the cast recorded from separate locations in the fashion of a Zoom call, except for Ron and Tammy 2. They were both at the same physical location, since the story we t that she tried to sneak into his cabin and he managed to apprehend her. The only reason they could pull this off is that Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are married and live together in real life. Crazy, right?

In-universe, Ron is still with his new wife, Diane (Lucy Lawless), and Tammy is still as off-the-rails as ever in her pursuit to ruin Ron’s life. In reality, Offerman and Mullally have been happily married since September 20, 2003, long before Parks and Rec hit the airwaves. This coincidence worked in the episode’s favor, creating some story between the two that made sense without shoehorning it into the video chat format. It also adds an extra layer of comedy to all of their interactions throughout Parks and Recreation‘s tenure, further adding to Tammy 2’s underlying significance.

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